Call For Sessions

Call For Sessions

We invite proposals for sessions that focus on the themes outlined in the Concept Note. We encourage a variety of submissions for sessions that will cover a 90-minute slot, which can include “Round Tables”, “Book Discussions”, “Author Meets Critics” etc. We also invite stream conveners where one or more convener(s) can take on the responsibility of organizing two or three sessions, which can include different formats as above, under a single theme. Each session must fit in a 90-minute slot. Brief descriptions of these are provided below.

The following must be included in any type of submission.

  • A title with a clear indication of what type of format – Panel, Roundtable, Book Discussion, Stream etc. Please indicate which of the three main subthemes you would like to include your submission in.
  • A 300-word brief description of the topic of your submission including a description of the format(s). The content should reflect links to the conference themes and subthemes.
  • Full Contact details of the convener(s) for all submissions – name, address, affiliation, email id, postal address and phone number.

 Types of Submissions

Sessions may take any one of the following forms, and streams may include different kinds of sessions under a chosen theme. We encourage proposals that accommodate a variety of forms. These might include:

1.Panels: The well‐known session of a maximum of 4 papers in a 90 session, in which presentations by authors last for 10‐15 minutes, followed by discussion, and papers are posted online and distributed by the panel conveners directly.

2.Roundtables: Discussions where sets of four or more participants are invited to discuss for 5‐10 minutes, on a theme or question posed by the conveners beforehand. The discussion goes around the table as well as with the other participants present.

3.Book Discussions/Author Meets Critics: A limited number of sessions will be of this type. The Conveners here will be responsible for inviting participants to discuss a book or a set of books on a given theme. In the “Author Meets Critics”, the Convener will be responsible for inviting an author and a set of discussants who will engage in a conversation. Either of the above must fit into a 90-minute slot.

4.Stream Proposals: Conveners are responsible for two to three sessions organized within a single stream. Each session of 90 mins may be of a different type as outlined above.


A stream proposal must include:

  1. A stream title and the types of sessions you intend to organize (minimum 2 – maximum 3).
  2. A short description of the topic, including a description of the types of sessions that you expect to convene (max 300 words). The stream content should reflect links to the conference topic and to the themes and should be oriented on one or more research questions.
  3. Full contact details of the stream convener/s (with a maximum of three conveners per stream): Name/s, affiliation, postal address, phone number (will not be made public), e‐mail.


  • All Submissions in any of the above formats will have to be submitted by a Convener, who will participate in the selection of abstracts, by ranking and recommending abstracts to the LOT. Please note that this selection will have to be done during the time period – 10th of January 2019 to 31st January 2019.
  • Stream conveners may be more than one, but not exceeding three. They will participate in the selection process of abstracts submitted for presentation within their stream, and in allocating papers to different kinds of sessions as appropriate. Stream conveners will rank all abstracts submitted as above.
  • Conveners together with local organizers supervise the deadlines for full paper submission.
  • Stream conveners may chair or select chairs for their respective session(s) from the panel participants.


  1. a) All streams and sessions have to be organized as open streams and sessions. No session shall be limited to members of an existing project network.
  2. b) Only one abstract submission per participant is allowed. Exceptions are foreseen for co‐authored papers.


Please send submissions by the deadline of 31st October, 2018 to the following e‐mail address:

The local organizing team will send out information about the acceptance of submissions no later than 30th November 2018. 

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: 31st October 2018.

Notification of selected Submissions: 30th November 2018.

Open Call for abstracts: 1st December 2018

 Deadline for abstracts: 10th January 2019 

Notification of Selected Abstracts: 15th February 2019