Delhi Contemporary (Delhi) in association with Center for Policy Research (Delhi ) and Ambedkar University (Delhi), India will be the hosts for the 2019 RC21 Annual conference. It will be held from the 18th to the 21st of September 2019, in New Delhi, India.

Research Committee 21 (RC21) on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development of the International Sociological Association was established in 1970 to promote theory and research in the sociology of urban and regional development, and – in so doing – create an international community of scholars who will advance the field. RC21 in collaboration with various organizations and institutions have been organising annual conferences on urban spaces, accessibility, identity, justice in cities such as Paris, Singapore, Milan, Gothenburg, Sao Paulo etc. since 2001. The 2019 conference is all set to happen in Delhi!

Ambedkar University Delhi(AUD) was established by the Government of NCT of Delhi for teaching and learning in the humanities and social sciences in 2007. AUD has three campuses across Delhi, over 45 programmes and around 3000 students. The School of Global Affairs anchors teaching programmes and research in contemporary planetary concerns. One of its flagship programme is Masters in Urban Studies.

Centre for Policy Research(CPR) is a non-profit, non-partisan independent institution dedicated to conducting research that contributes to the production of high-quality scholarship, better policies, and a more robust public discourse about the structures and processes that shape life in India. Urbanisation is a focus area of research at CPR.

Delhi Contemporary(DC)is a program initiative of the WordScapes Trust. The Trust is a collective of academics based in Delhi and trained in Sociology. The Department of Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics is a connecting thread amongst all of them. While each member of DC has varying research interests and approaches, what brings them together is a commitment to the question of the social as it unfolds in the contemporary. Delhi Contemporary believes exploring the social invites research, thought and deliberation in an interactive and collaborative effort.

A committed focus of their research activities is the Urban.

Local Organizing Team Members


Delhi Contemporary

Yasmeen Arif
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
University of Delhi

Ishita Dey   
Assistant Professor
Centre for Development Practice
Ambedkar University

Mohammad Sayeed
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Indraprastha College for Women

Centre for Policy Research, Delhi

Partha Mukhopadhyay
Senior Fellow

Mukta Naik
Senior Researcher

Marie-Hélène Zérah
Senior Visiting Fellow

Ambedkar University, Delhi

Rachna Mehra
Assistant Professor
Urban Studies Programme

Rohit Negi
Associate Professor
Urban Studies Programme

Pritpal Singh Randhawa
Assistant Professor
Urban Studies Programme