Student Funding

Funding Support for Students: Call for applications

Due to continuing bursary response, we are keeping the bursary applications open through the conference. However, for logistical reasons, foreign participants are required to apply by 20th September.

The Local Organising Team (LOT) has received some pledges of support for the expenses of students participating in the conference. We request applications for support from registered participants who are students from B and C countries affiliated to institutions in India or abroad.

Please fill this form to apply-  

Please read the instructions listed below carefully before applying.

  1. We anticipate that there will be two types of bursaries– in the form of a lump-sum amount or reimbursement of actual expenses on travel to and from Delhi and stay during the conference. Applicants need to be currently registered as students or affiliated to any institution and not be receiving full support from any other source for the conference. All support will be paid in Indian rupees only and will be around Rs 9,500.
  2. Some pledges of support have requested that those receiving the support be designated as <name of supporting institution> Scholars. We will inform those selected and ask for your approval before allocating support.

Participants who wish to apply for support should apply using the Google form link given above.

In case more applications are received than for which support is available, selections will be made by computerised random draws. We will be making the first selection of support for application received by September 15, 2019. At this moment, we will prioritise students from India in institutions outside Delhi. If there are remaining resources, we will issue a new announcement.

This announcement has also been mailed to all student registrations for RC21@Delhi. If you are a student registrant and have not received the email or have any questions, please write to:

For the list of B and C countries visit-